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SleepPro™ Snore Solution Combo - SleepPro™ Premium Advanced Anti Snoring Nose Vents & SleepPro™ Upgraded Anti-Snore Chin Strap

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Product Description
  • GET THE BEST FROM SLEEPPROTM- 2 in 1 snoring solution- anti snore vents and anti-snore chin strap
  • STOP SNORING NATURALLY- The SleepProTM nasal dilators and chin strap are a proven snore remedies that are non-invasive and have absolutely no side effects. Wearing both sleeping aids will surely stop your snoring!
  • NOSE VENTS - These soft silicone snore stopper nose vents are a breeze to wear, opening the passage ways in the nose to aid breathing during sleep. 4 sizes included to choose your best fit!
  • SNORE STRAP - helps keep mouth closed and dry while you sleep, the optimal jaw strap that comfortably and immediately stops snoring. The SleepProTM chin strap is Velcro adjustable to ensure your custom fit!
  • 100% No Risk No Hassle Money Back Guarantee
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Are You At A Loss To Stopping Your Snoring?

Snoring is the #1 disruption to sleep affecting 50% of the population. Whether it's due to an obstruction in the nose or throat, congestion, or mouth breathing- snoring can interfere with your sleep quality and can most definitely disturb those around you.

This SleepPro Snore Solution maybe the answer to all your snore problems. SleepPro offers a combination of the Advanced Anti Snore Nose Vents & the Upgraded Anti-Snore Chin Strap that work hand in hand when worn together to maximize the effectiveness of these non-invasive snore stoppers.

It's simple:

Just insert these the vent into the nostrils and sleep in silence instantly. There are 4 sized vents included for you to get the best fit and be able to sleep in comfort.
Sling the Anti Snore Strap around your head and over your ears. Adjust the Velcro to get the best fit and to ensure it will stay on throughout the night.
It may take some time and practice getting used to these snore stoppers. It's a good idea to start with one sleep aid at a time until you are comfortable enough with it. Then try the other one. Ultimately you will be able to wear them together.

This set is an Amazing deal!!

Try out these 2 SleepPro snoring devices to see which one you like better. Save money today and order the SleepPro Snore Solution Combo!!

SleepPro Snore Solution Includes:
★SleepPro Nose Vents plus free travel case
★SleepPro Anti-Snore Strap
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