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Rhinase Saline Nasal Spray with 2 Wetting Agents and 2 Salts Allergy Relief Moisturizer - no Steroids. (300 sprays)

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Product Description
  • Dry nose needs multiple nasal moisturizers - unique dual wetting agent formula provides great moisture
  • Steroid free - no negative effects of steroids including dryness, safe for children
  • pH balanced at 6.2 - the right pH for the normal nose and the same as your steroid sprays so it wont
  • Doctor recommended by allergist, ear nose and throat specialists - clinically proven effect
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More than just saline nasal spray moisturizing product! The best nasal mist for moisturizing your nose - 30 ml spray nasal lubricating spray. Rhinase nasal gel spray for dry noses! A nasal moisturizer child and adult alike. Have you tried ayr, simply saline, or neilmed? Rhinase is unlike other nasal mist saline spray and gel, since the early 1980's this product has been helping people with nasal dryness associated with allergies and has helped in the prevention of nosebleeds caused by nasal dryness. More than just saline, Rhinase offers a unique formulation that provides two salts (NACL and KCL) as well as two wetting agents that allow for the salts to moisturize as effectively as possible by covering more surface area. Hopefully this section will answer your questions about Rhinase so that you will be informed on why Rhinase may be the best product for you. With a dual salt formulation Rhinase relieves dryness and irritation in and around the nose (nasal passages) caused by: dry room air, allergies, low humidity, chronic sinusitis, nose bleeds, stuffy nose, colds / flu, winter dryness, CPAP / BIDAP use, travel, oxygen therapy. Rhinase adds moisture inside the nose to dissolve and soften thick, crusty mucus, making it easier to remove. Do you use CPAP / BIDAP? To battle discomfort you may find yourself needing nasal gel pads for CPAP use for pressure on top of the nose, why not also use nasal gel for moisturizing inside the nose? Rhinase soothing nasal gel moisturizes like our nasal mist spray bottle, but can be more helpful for symptoms such as bloody noses and visible crustiness. If you are using saline sprays alone you may not be getting the relief you need from dry nose symptoms which can lead to annoying nose bleeds, Rhinase nasal moisturizers (nasal gel spray) can help. Try Rhinase nasal moisturizers in a nasal moisturizing spray and soothing nasal moisturizing gel. Nasal gel and nasal mist for kids and adults alike.
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