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Plemo Anti-Snore Chin Strap, Ultra-Soft Adjustable Sleep Snore Reduction Jaw Strap

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Product Description
  • WORKS IMMEDIATELY: Helps you to achieve a restful night of sleep and lets you wake up feeling refreshed and energized; greatly benefits your overall health by improving the quality of your sleep
  • INSTANT SNORE RELIEF: Ingeniously prevents snoring by holding your jaw firmly in place; ideal for the treatment of drooling and snoring caused by sleeping with an open-mouth
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Simply put it on and go to sleep; no medication or other equipment required; safe and convenient
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: Uses soft, high quality material that is gentle on the skin; ensures your comfort all night
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Adjustable Velcro closure adds convenience; fits various head sizes; will not slip off easily
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The Plemo Anti-Snore Chin Strap is designed to effectively stop or reduce snoring caused by sleeping with an open-mouth. With this strap you can bid farewell to the disruptions and discomfort of snoring and make sure that you and your family sleep soundly every night.

How it Works

The anti-snore chin strap holds your jaw firmly in place. The forward position of the jaw reduces the risk of the tongue and throat tissues falling back to block the airways. This effectively prevents snoring and drooling while sleeping at night.

Easy to Use

Simply put the anti-snoring chin strap on and it will work immediately, leaving you free from snoring. It is the safest and simplest solution to stop snoring without using any medication.

Lots of Benefits

The anti-snore chin strap tremendously improves the quality of your sleep. Just put it on and sleep and you will wake up energized and be more productive every single day. In the long run, it's not only beneficial to your overall health, but also your relationships. Never again will you have to disturb your loved ones with annoying loud snore.


1.Adjust it as needed to make a snug fit; a loose fit is adverse to the intended effect.
2.It is not recommended that you use this product if you are suffering from a nasal congestion.
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