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Opalite Merkaba Star - "The Sea Opal" - Designed with Splendor - Ambers to Blues

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Product Description
  • 1/2-3/4" Measured To Flat Sides, 1-1 1/4" Corner To Corner
  • Composed Of Dolomite Plus Quartz And Fluorite
  • Hand Carved By An Artisan
  • Grey Velvet and Black Satin MANU TM Brand Pouch Included
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Merkaba is an electromagnetic field sitting at 4 degrees found primarily within the microwave range in the 3rd dimension. It entirely geometric in shape and nature. The geometry is referred to as Sacred Geometry when discussing the Merkaba this Sacred Geometry is in the creation patterns of all things in Creation and evolution. The Merkaba is extremely complex, involving the five platonic solids and other sacred polyhedrons. It is believed to extend through all possible dimensional and parallel universes and can change its nature from electromagnetic to whatever is appropriate. The blueprint of the Merkaba is found everywhere and in everything. It can be found in nature such as the complicated nautilus shell, the sunflower and red blood cells of humans. Opalite is usually anywhere from clear to milky colored and can take on an unearthly luminous blue glow when placed against a dark backdrop. Against a white backdrop or held up to the light, Opalite often takes on an amber color and/or displays reddish highlights. Place this Opalite Merkaba against any dark colored area and start counting the number of friends who ask you, "What is that stone?" There's no doubt that it catches people's eyes. You may see this gemstone also called "opal fluorite" or "tiffany stone".
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