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FreshKote Lubricant Eye Drops 15 ml

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Product Description
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FreshKote is a superior dry eye lubricant and is unlike any other dry eye product on the market. FreshKote contains: 2% Polyvinyl pyrrolidone 0.9% Polyvinyl alcohol (87% hydrolyzed) 1.8% Polyvinyl alcohol (99% hydrolyzed) The FreshKote formula has 4 distinct advantages to the ocular surface. ONCOTIC PRESSURE In dry eye, the epithelium may become damaged and/or loosened allowing water to build up in the epithelium in the form of microcystic edema (swelling). This may lead to recurrent corneal erosions and other problems. The High Oncotic Pressure found in FreshKote (65mmHg) offsets the intra-ocular pressure. This helps to normalize the inward osmotic flow of the tears (from the ocular surface towards the cornea), keeping the tears on the ocular surface. The High Oncotic Pressure in FreshKote compresses the epithelium, helps to re-establish the integrity of the epithelium and also assists in removing excess water from the epithelium. COMPLETE WETTABILITY The unique blending of polymers allows FreshKote to adhere to the dry areas of the eye - completely wetting the ocular surface. This ensures that FreshKote will stay on the ocular surface and provide longer relief. OSMOLARITY Helps to restore proper osmolarity of tear film Dry eye occurs when eyes do not produce the right quality of tears. Women are more frequently affected than men, and it is often caused by hormonal changes due to aging and menopause or medical conditions. Eyes need a constant layer of tears (which is called tear film) to maintain and protect the ocular surface. Changes to the health of the tear producing glands can result in a change in the quality of the tears made. This results in a tear film that can no longer provide enough of the important nourishment or protection for the surface of the eye. RESTORES LIPID LAYER FreshKote utilizes AmisolĀ® CLEAR which helps restore and replenish the lipid layer to stabilize the tear film and delay evaporation.
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