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easyGopro - Go Time Just Got Easier 7.5" Ergonomic Toilet Stool Natural Aid For Constipation, Hemorrhoids, IBS, Pelvic Floor, Bloating & More - ICE

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Product Description
  • Doctor recommended for the entire family - perfect for adults to elevate their feet for a more natural position as it relaxes the puborectalis muscle responsible for continence.
  • Pediatricians recommend a toilet stool post potty training to eliminate discomfort from dangling feet.
  • Reduce constipation, hemorrhoids, straining and bloating.
  • Sturdy, Lightweight, Compact, One Size Fits All, Ergonomic, Easy To Clean & Easy To Store completely out of the way when not in use.
  • Manufactured in the USA of high strength polypropylene with high-gloss.
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Humans were not created to sit at a 90-degree angle to eliminate. By elevating your feet while on a western toilet your hips shifts to a more natural position of 35-degrees, the position intended for elimination but without the discomfort of a squat. In order for humans to not dispel waste as they are standing at 180 degrees, the last portion of our large intestine, the colon, is curved and cinched closed by the puborectalis muscle. That same muscle relaxes as we shift our hips to a 35-degree angle, this can be accomplished by assuming a squat position or elevating our feet while sitting. As the hips shift, the puborectalis muscle relaxes, thus allowing the colon to open more fully for easier and natural elimination. easyGopro was designed by a world-class ergonomic product designer. Our goal was to design a compact, discreet, one size fits all, cool toilet stool, because healthy doesn't have to be ugly. Our playful colors allow your toilet stool to complement your décor, while complimenting your health. easyGopro is 7.5" high as our research showed it is not necessary to assume a full squat position to achieve the benefits. Plus making a decision and measuring your toilet, is just too confusing and unnecessary. With 17" in length and 8" width easyGopro fits even the smallest toilet alcoves and stores under the lowest toilet. All logos and stickers are easy-to-remove & residue free. Everyone is different and has different abilities with their body and elimination needs. easyGopro will work for you if you don't have unrealistic expectations. Remember it's not about how high you elevate your feet but how easy you eliminate. Simply place the stool where it is comfortable for you. This may vary depending on the individual. easyGopro is great for the entire family, and the first to address the transitional period after potty training while their feet dangle, which is a leading cause of childhood constipation and fear of the toilet.
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