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100% Pure 250mg Dim Supplement with Bioperine, Pharmaceutical Grade- Menopause Relief, PCOS, Hormonal Acne, Estrogen Metabolism & Aromatase Inhibitor Support- 2 Month Supply Vegetarian Capsules

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Product Description
  • HORMONAL BALANCE FOR BOTH SEXES - For women, it can help ease PCOS, Hormonal Acne and Menopause symptoms, support weight loss, minimize the effects of estrogen imbalance, and support overall breast and reproductive health. For men, DIM helps to improve energy, focus, endurance, libido and increase lean muscle. Both genders benefit from the Estrogen Metabolism support and the Aromatase Inhibitor factors.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY - 250mg of Dim along with 200mg of Dong Quai and 6mg of BioPerine (Black Pepper) complimented with 50mg Vitamin E.
  • VARY YOUR INTAKE - Either the recommended 2 capsules a day for a 2 month supply or 1 capsule can give you 4 months!
  • PURITY & POTENCY - All our products are proudly made in the USA in a FDA food grade registered facility with Guaranteed Purity & Potency. We offer the best quality products for the best value. We do not compromise on quality, our products are free of Artificial Colors, Preservatives, or Flavors.
  • GUARANTEE - We stand by our products 100% and so we offer you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
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What is DIM?
Diindolylmethane or DIM for short, is a plant compound with many health benefits which is derived from cruciferous vegetables.Or basically vegetables of the cabbage family like cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, Kale, collards, mustard greens, radishes, turnios and the list goes on.
DIM is responsible in helping the body better balance good estrogen (2-hydroxy-estrone) with the bad estrogen (16-alpha-hydroxy-estrone).

What are the benefits
How many vegetables do you eat daily? Probably not enough, and so a DIM supplement is what you need.

By helping with good estrogen, DIM is a natural option to help with:-
✔Estrogen Dominance
✔Hormonal Acne
✔Estrogen Metabolism
✔Aromatase Inhibitor Support
✔Hormone Imbalance
✔Hot Flashes
✔Menopause relief
✔Weight Loss
✔Testosterone Booster
✔Hormonal Acne
And the list goes on....

What is Dong Quai?
The scientific name is Angelica Sinensis. And has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine with advantages for both genders. The active chemical compounds like ferulic acid, various polysaccharides and other compounds bring numerious benefits.

What are the benefits?
✔Maintains Hormonal Balance
✔Acts as an Aphrodisiac
✔Detoxifies the body
✔Helps with Blood Circulation
✔Helps reduce menstration problems
✔Helps relieve anxiety and stress
And the list goes on....

Vitamin E has it's own benfits and with 50mg added for greater benefits!

So why buy HMS DIM?
HMS stands for Nutrition for the Heart, Mind and Soul. We believe we can help you become a happier, healthier you! 250mg of DIM along with 200mg of Dong Quai and Bioperine (black pepper) for better absorption, in 2 capsules means maximum strength with the ability of lowering your dosage. With a 100% money back guarantee you need HMS DIM!
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